From Milan to Varenna

The little town of Varenna will steal your heart.

Bellagio & Como are the most popular tourist spots, but they miss the hidden beauty of Varenna

Varenna is quieter, less touristy & more breath-taking than any other town on the lake.

There’s plenty of beauty in Varenna to keep you busy there really is no need to take the expensive ferry across to Bellagio, Varenna is just as beautiful. Tranquil calm blue waters, fantastic restaurants and mountainous landscapes are just a small part of Varenna’s charm.

Villa Monastero

The entrance fee to this wonder is 9 euro, enjoy the incredible botanical gardens that offer peaceful lakeside views, the museum is also worth a visit!

The gardens ooze elegance with numerous fountains and statues.

Villa Monastero is a must-see and definitely Instagram worthy!

How do you get there?

Only one hour away from Milan, Lake Como is well connected; via train.

Trains depart from Milano Central to Varenna-Esino. A return ticket will cost you around 8-10 euro.

Tickets are available from Trainline EU or TrenItalia

I hope you enjoy Varenna just as much as I do, the place is a dream.



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