Dealing with Stress

This is not your typical travel blog post, it’s something a little more personal that some may relate too.

Stress is something that affects all of us at some point in our lives, depending on the intensity, stress can influence us in various ways.

Recently I have been suffering from hair loss. As a girl there is nothing worse than losing your hair, usually I am quite a closed-book and not the type to usually speak about my personal issues, but this post is for anyone that may be going through the same issue as me or are currently feeling overwhelmed by stress.

As a girl that has always had long flowing thick hair, dealing with hair loss has been quite difficult. I’ve turned into the girl that constantly wears a beanie hat everywhere. My stress-related issue has been triggered by family situations and financial problems. You know when life just doesn’t give you a break? Well that’s kinda how this year has been going for me.

Sleepless nights constantly worrying about the inevitable is not going to help, yet come night-time my mind goes into over drive thinking about every possible conclusion. I know I can’t be the only one.

Stress causes you to not only get annoyed with yourself but also those closest to you, constantly over-thinking and shutting people off around you is also not going to help. Yet in some way, you feel helpless that there is nothing you can physically do.

The way that I cope with the stress is mainly listening to music every-night before I sleep, it’s something that really helps put my mind at ease.

So for anyone that may be suffering from stress, you are not alone.

As Doris Day once sang ‘Whatever will be will be’



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