The best Miradouros in Lisbon

Scenic Lisbon has viewpoints set across the famous seven hills, to get to the Miradouros is usually a trek uphill but it’s always worth it for the view when you get there. Miradouros are Lisbon’s lookout points – they can be found all over the city, each showing the brightly coloured city from different angles.

Miradouros often have shaded terraces, sometimes accompanied by a small café, and are frequented by both tourists and locals.

Not only the Miradouros, Castles and attractions allow visitors to take a lift or climb to the rooftop for views, but usually for a small fee. Miradouros are free and can be found exploring the picturesque Lisbon streets.

Miradouro Graca – Castle De S.Jorge

The Graca lookout in the Graca Lisbon neighbourhood is popular for it’s easy-to-find location and close proximity to St. Jorge Castle. There are also incredible views when you enter the Castle, admission costs 8 euro.

Tip: While making your way up to the Castle don’t miss the street art.


Santa Justa

One of Lisbon’s top attractions the Santa Justa lift has panoramic views that span across the Alfama neighbourhood and the St.Jorge Castle. Taking the iconic lift will set you back 3 euros.

Tip: Arrive early in the morning to avoid lengthy ques.


Miradouro De San Pedro De Alcantara

In the lively Barrio Alto neighbourhood is Miradouro De San Pedro De Alcantara. There is a small cafe and stunning park surrounding the area. Visit at sunset for one of the best skyline viewpoints of the Lisbon Old Town, locals claim this as the most romantic spot in the city.

Tip: They have put up railings for safety but that blocks some the view, head down the hill and there is another Miradouro.

Miradouro De Nossa Senhora Do Monte

At the highest point in Lisbon, Miradouro De Nossa Senhora Do Monte is in Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood. More of a local spot, there are less tourists. The only tourists that visit this Miradouro are the ones who take the tuk-tuk tours, probably due to the impossible seven hills!

Tip: Take the tuk-tuk to reach the Miradouro!


Ponte 25 De Abril

Lisbon’s answer to San Francisco’s famous Golden Bridge, Ponte 25 De Abirl is the view point for the city. You can pretty much see the bridge from everywhere in the city, but the best view is admiring it from below the bridge. MAAT Museum also has a sky deck that gets you a great view.

Tip: Head to Gandalata Terrace Bar to enjoy a 1 euro Sagres and sunset with a beautiful vista.





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