Bringing the Blog Back!


2019, and we are bringing the blog back! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog, don’t worry guys that doesn’t mean that I have not been travelling. My last blog post was back in May, 2018!! *yes it really was that long ago*

In the meantime I have ticked off a massive must-do on my bucket list and that’s New York! An incredible experience and finally my first trip out of Europe. There will be plenty of blog posts coming on how to budget in New York and our trip to Philadelphia to see all the Rocky filming locations.*yes I am the biggest Rocky fan* 

Along with the big trip to USA, my 2018 travels took me to Venice, now that was a disaster trip if there ever was one! Also to Budapest and Barcelona. The Barcelona trip was spontaneous to say the least, you know when you’re in that heartbreak stage and just want to run away, well Barcelona was my answer, it’s my happy place I took the first flight out there. I always tell myself to never go back to the same place you have already been because there is just too much of the world to see however Barcelona is different it’s a place I will always go back to.

It amazes me how you guys are still viewing my blogs a year on and I can’t thank everyone enough, be ready for the New York blogs and 2018 travel round-up!





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