Hey, I’m thewanderlustwelshie!

I am a 20 year old girl from South Wales, UK.

For the past year I’ve discovered the wanderlust within me. In the past six months alone I have travelled to seven countries in Europe, mostly western. To travel in Western Europe you will need to budget, hopefully some of my guides can help you with that. At only 20 years old and working a part-time job, 7 countries is not to bad!
People always say to me “you must be a millionaire” “how do you travel so much?” What they don’t know is that every pound I earn goes towards travel and then I cut my expenses when I am home. After all I am a travel addict! To go traveling planning and proioritizing are key. My aim is to share some tips on how to travel cheap and also show you some unique experiences/places I have been. 

My blog will be called thewanderlustwelshie

Some of you probably have no idea what a “welshie” is so i’ll try to explain. I am from South Wales in the United Kingdom and if your Welsh you get called a welshie, simple!

I hope you enjoy my blogs!

Nicole πŸ™‚