Hi! I’m Nicole. A 20 year-old girl from a small valley in South Wales.

I caught the travel bug in 2016 and have since visited 8 countries and completed my first solo trip! Most of my travels so far have been in Europe, it’s my goal this year (2018) to do my first long-haul destination. I plan my traveling around my part-time job, which I have to be honest I am very lucky. I get to work around my days so that I travel regular without even using my holidays.

I made this blog so I could share some of my experiences, I love doing something different, taking the non-touristy path as well following all the tourists. I basically love everything about travel.

My blog is called thewanderlustwelshie, I thought I would explain a little what a ‘welshie‘ is. A Welshie is someone from Wales with a Welsh accent.

I hope my blog inspires you to find your inner wanderlust and I hope you enjoy my journey and adventures.

See you somewhere around the globe, Nicole πŸ™‚