Traveling Solo in Cologne

Stepping completely out of my comfort zone, I decided that now was the time to take my first solo trip. Cologne, Germany was the ideal country for me to start my experience in. Tip: If your thinking of traveling solo, I would pick a country that you have already been to, and start with a 2-3 … Continue reading Traveling Solo in Cologne


How NOT To Do A Football Away Day / Part One

When it was announced that Wales would play Republic of Ireland in the qualifers for the World Cup the excitement ran through my veins at the thought of an away day in Dublin. This away day was eventful to say the least; sleeping at the airport and driving to London at 3am in the morning … Continue reading How NOT To Do A Football Away Day / Part One

A Football Fan’s Dream Hotel

Hotel football, Old Trafford // Manchester. Sitting directly opposite Manchester United's ground, this football-themed hotel is fronted by the Class of 92' legends; Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville. This hotel doesn't only appeal to the audience of Manchester United fans, the facilities at this hotel applies to anyone with a love for football.  First, there … Continue reading A Football Fan’s Dream Hotel